ScoreOne glass cutter

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ScoreOne helps you make and break the perfect score. You’ll cut any shape perfectly and get cleaner scores for more accurate breaks with less waste.

The ScoreOne eliminates the four main problems to making the perfect score: scoring angle, scoring pressure, hand fatigue and bad breaks.

Key features

  • Maintains optimum 90º cutting angle at all times
  • Maintains consistent scoring pressure from start to finish
  • Eliminates hand and wrist fatigue because you're not constantly gripping a cutting tool
  • Makes it easier to accurately follow pattern lines, reducing waste and grinding time while improving the fit and appearance of your project
  • Allows you to comfortably sit and score glass
  • Start and finish scores closer to the glass edge for cleaner, more accurate breaks
  • Includes carbide cutting wheel for better scores and longer life
  • Use on bench top or grid type work surfaces
  • One-year warranty
  • Instruction manual



Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Shirley Hagemann
ScoreIne Glass Cutter

Love the glass cutter. Easy on an old persons hands and wrist.

Jim Hatcher

It's a nifty little machine and works quite well except for larger pieces. Mine arrived with one not missing. can that be forwarded to me? Thanks

Hi Jim - We are sorry to hear that your ScoreOne came without a nut. Can you please contact us at (248) 583-7150 or so that a customer service specialist can assist you? Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you!

Russ Creange
Score 1 Glass Cutter - Review

This glass cutter pretty much works as described. The cutting head is adjustable, and does allow you to turn the glass piece while keeping the same pressure on the cutting wheel, so it makes non-linear cutting easier. What it does not describe is the fact that it is A LOT smaller than you would think, and also a lot lighter made . The space between the cutting blade and the plastic arm that supports the cutting blade is ONLY 3.25 inches apart. This means that, if you are making a non-linear cut over 180 degrees (say a circle), the piece of glass must be less than 3 inches, or else the glass, as you turn it will hit the plastic armature. The only way you will be able to complete the circle is to reverse your direction. So this requires that you take a larger piece of glass and cut it down in order to use this, which results in a lot of wasted glass. That being said, when cutting irregular shaped pieces, like leaves on a plant, it works great, as long as the leaves are less than 3 inches by 3 inches. While very useful, I'm not sure it was worth the cost due to it's size. I would have gladly spent more money for this if it allowed for larger pieces of glass to be cut.

Debbie Armstrong
Important piece of equipment

Due to arthritis the scoreone makes cutting glass easier. I do have to say the quality of the last 2 I’ve bought isn’t as good as my original. My first one lasted well over 10 years, the next barely made 1 year, so I’m concerned about how long this one will hold up.

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