Wiz family LED lamp attachment

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This Wiz family LED lamp attachment works with any of the current Wiz family machines, allowing you to light your work surface. The attachment allows for color temperature control as well as brightness control. There is no bulb change required and the LED has a life span of 10,000 hours.

There are three different color settings to accommodate your lighting preference and needs: cool white light (6,500K), warm white light (3,000K) and daylight (4,500K).

This attachment comes with everything you need to install the lamp to the back side of Wiz family machines. Installation is easy; download the instructions here.

Customer Reviews

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Brad King

Fantastic light!

Brian Dunn
Fantastic addition to the grinder

I purchased the led thinking this may be nice, it was more than nice it was amazing.

Fabulous lamp

Very bright.

George Brown
A green review 3.5 🌟

I've only used this lamp 3 times so far, & so far she's been good... It's NOT damn gurl! Wow hurny! Giving us luminosity, versatility & longevity for this price!?- I got a DEAL! & I'm LIVING FOR THIS!!! 🤩 THAT'S NOT. NOT.. NOT...WHAT IT IS.. It's good tho, it works.. I guess my standards are fairly low. It doesn't feel robust tho, I fear she may soon fall & need replaced ... but, we'll see... I really do want the lamp to be bigger & brighter, twice the size it is. Thanks Inland! ... You asked...

Kevin Rowan

Wiz family LED lamp attachment

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