• 37.7" stainless steel diamond band saw blade designed for wet sawing glass, stone, semiprecious gems, tile, ceramic, porcelain, marble, granite, silicon, plastics, fiberglass, fiberboard, leather, shells, and live coral
  • One BladeSert blade guide to support the blade at the point of sawing and to ensure the blade is tracking straight and true for maximum control and accurate cuts
  • Leather blade wiper to help control the water spray when wet sawing with the diamond band saw blade
  • One-year warranty (90-day warranty when used in a salt water environment)
  • Instruction manual
Optional blades

Two optional band saw blades are available for use on this DB-100 band saw. Our band saw blade for wood saws wood, wood composites, acrylic plastics, leather, polyethylene and polycarbonate plastics. Our band saw blade for metal saws thin brass, copper, zinc, aluminum, tin, nonferrous metals, fiberglass, leather, acrylic plastics and circuit boards. If you intend on sawing all of these types of materials, we suggest purchasing the DB-100 band saw with three blades model. This band saw model includes all three of our band saw blades; the diamond band saw blade, band saw blade for wood and band saw blade for metal.