• Tech-11 polishing pads are made with high-density, all natural wool felt that is 1/8" thick. These 6" diameter polishing pads come backed with a PSA backing for easy application and a stay put fit. Charge with polishing media such as cerium oxide, tin oxide or diamond compound for an exceptional polish on your gemstones, metals and glass. Also known as buffing pads.
  • Diamond compound

    Our diamond compound is a high quality paste that puts a beautiful polish on your gemstones. Use it to charge your lapidary tools, polishing pads and buffing pads. Diamond compound comes packaged in a convenient, disposable syringe. We offer a large variety of grits available in 2-gram, 5-gram and 10-gram syringes.
  • Diamond powder

    Our diamond powder is used to make excellent quality diamond pastes that put a beautiful polish on gemstones, metals, and other exotic materials. We offer a large variety of grits packaged in 25-carat vials and 50-carat vials.
  • This optical grade, cerium oxide polishing powder is ground to half the size of most cerium oxide for an exceptional polish on glass, stone and many other materials. Polishing material of choice for many lapidary and jewelry applications.