Dressing sticks

SKU: 419999


Dressing sticks are perfect for truing-up your sintered diamond tools, laps and wheels. They are made out of aluminum oxide in two available grits; 80# and 240#.

  • Keep your sintered diamond tools, laps and wheels sharp and true with these dressing sticks
  • Two available grits; 80# (brown) works best on coarse tools/laps/wheels such as 30#, 60#, and 80# while the 240# (white) works best on finer tools/laps/wheels such as 80#, 100#, 140#, and 200#
  • Made of aluminum oxide; 6" L X 1/2" W X 1/2" H

Important purchasing note: Dressing sticks are for SINTERED products only! Using them on single layer diamond tooling like plated and brazed products will quickly destroy those tools.

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