ScoreOne glass cutter

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ScoreOne helps you make and break the perfect score. You’ll cut any shape perfectly and get cleaner scores for more accurate breaks with less waste.

The ScoreOne eliminates the four main problems to making the perfect score: scoring angle, scoring pressure, hand fatigue and bad breaks.

Key features

  • Maintains optimum 90º cutting angle at all times
  • Maintains consistent scoring pressure from start to finish
  • Eliminates hand and wrist fatigue because you're not constantly gripping a cutting tool
  • Makes it easier to accurately follow pattern lines, reducing waste and grinding time while improving the fit and appearance of your project
  • Allows you to comfortably sit and score glass
  • Start and finish scores closer to the glass edge for cleaner, more accurate breaks
  • Includes carbide cutting wheel for better scores and longer life
  • Use on bench top or grid type work surfaces
  • One-year warranty
  • Instruction manual



Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Jeff D.
This Thing Is Great!

It allows me to take my time and carefully steer the glass to score exactly where I need it to. It doesn't always work great on glass that is heavily textured on both sides and the glass you can use with it is limited by the throat size, but I can use my ScoreOne glass cutter 90 percent of the time.

Debra Ponsetti
Score Cutter 1

I like this cutter. Easy to use and scores the glass well. It works as described.

Dawn R
Love this!

At first I was apprehensive since it was much smaller than I expected but this thing works great! A small learning curve of about two minutes and I was scoring glass like no tomorrow.


I haven't had time to use this product. So I have nothing to share.

Jade Powers
Best thing i have ever bought

This is worth ever cent! I have been able to cut out pieces that could only be cut with a saw. Today I cut out a moon without it breaking. Amazes me every time! 🌙

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