Diamond drill bit

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The easy way to drill precision holes and create fine details without having to remove your ¾” or 1″ grinding head! Requires the grinding/drilling bit adapter.

Because we plate our own diamond products, we can offer the absolute best drums at better prices than anyone else. The diamond coating on your Inland diamond drill bit will never peel from the drum, or we'll replace it for free for the life of the diamonds. You will never need to knock off the "bunchings" on an Inland bit—we don't call them bunchings, we call them defects—and our quality control system eliminates them.

Key features

  • Make 3/8" (10 mm) holes in your material
  • Standard 100# for multi-task use
  • Works right on top of larger diamond drums, no need to change or remove your ¾" or 1" drum before using
  • Use also to grind and shape intricate detail or tight curves
  • Brass cores are manufactured on Swiss precision screw machines for consistent and accurate tolerances
  • All Inland diamond drill bits are measured for trueness before any diamond is applied to insure that every bit will spin properly on the motor shaft
  • Our bits fit all American and German-made glass grinders and some Chinese models as well


  • The 40317 grinding/drilling bit adapter is required to use these individual diamond drill bits
  • Fits 0.312" (7.92 mm) arbor
  • TIR <.0025" (.0635 mm)

Customer Reviews

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Long Lasting Bits

The drill bits I've ordered from Inland have lasted much longer than less expensive bits I have purchased.

Donna Wisniewski

Diamond drill bit


Wrong part sent, but great and fast replacement by your considerate and courteous operator.

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