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  • ScoreOne glass cutter

    ScoreOne helps you make and break the perfect score. You'll cut any shape perfectly and get cleaner scores for more accurate breaks with less waste. The ScoreOne Plus model includes the ScoreOne strip and circle accessory for making straight line cuts, strips and circles.
  • Designed specifically for use with your ScoreOne glass cutter, this strip and circle accessory allows you to score strips and circles without interfering with the machine's normal operation.
  • This is the replacement carbide cutting head for the ScoreOne and ScoreOne Plus glass cutters.
  • The Rulex adjustable square is a reversible and adjustable ruler for cutting, drawing, and design layout for stained glass artists, commercial glaziers, rough and finished carpenters, woodworking hobbyists, model makers, framers, tile installers, counter makers and home do-it-yourselfers.