SecondStory work surface

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The SecondStory work surface is an elevated work surface that makes it easier to grind and drill holes when using small diameter drill bits or a stacked-bit setup. This popular accessory is included with the Wizard IV grinder, and fits all WizCG and WizlingCG grinders. It also fits on the SwapTop grinder/shaper conversion kit that is used on the SwapTop 6″ flat lap machine.

Use this SecondStory work surface accessory any time you are grinding or drilling with a stacked 1/4" drill bit or any stacked-bit setup.

Key features

  • Elevated 5" L X 4-1/2" W open grid work surface makes using smaller grinding bits easier
  • Keeps the glass level while you grind, preventing angled edges and misshapen holes
  • Built-in coolant reservoir makes it easy to keep the the bit lubricated, allowing for easier drilling and longer bit life
  • Easy on / easy off accessory



Customer Reviews

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Bill Robinson
fits perfectly

works great my work area on the grinder had been warped, which was my fault, the insert fit perfectly, now I have a flat work surface again. Also purchased the elevated work surface for getting water to the 1/4 diamond bit. Haven't used it yet, but seems sturdy and will get water to the bit.

A perfect fit

I was in need of a raised work surface on my grinder to use a 1/4” bit. Found this and it works perfectly.

Mark Henley
Second Story

This is a game changer for small detailed grinding with the smaller heads for getting into tight places. My only issue has been that the vibration causes the set screw to come out, often. It usually ends up in the water but not the last time and I have not been able to locate a replacement, can you send one or two or recommend a store? Walmart and Ace Hardware were a no go.

Hi Mark - We are sorry to hear that you are having an issue with the set screw. If you are referring to the 1/4' bit that is typically used with the Second Story, then you will need a 8-32 x 3/16 size set screw. If you are unable to locate one, please call us at (248) 583-7150 so we can provide you with this part.

Al Stammler

I called to inquire if the product would fit my grinder. The lady I talked with was very helpful and professional. Very happy with rapid service and product. Thanks much!

Jack Spence

SecondStory work surface

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